product purchase

Where can we get the products?
Dear friends, you can buy our products from chain stores and supermarkets.
Is it possible to sell wholesale and organization?
Yes, it is possible to sell in bulk to organizations and organizations.
What is the cost of sending bulk products?
The shipping cost varies according to the location and shipping time, which is calculated in your invoice.

About Hasti Arian Tamin products

What advantages do your products have over others?
The products of Hasti Arin Tamim have a major share of the beverage market due to their high quality, proper packaging and importance to health.
Are your products organic?
Yes, due to the fact that Hasti Arin Tamin thinks about the importance of consumers’ health; All our teas and teas are made from organic products.

Festival of ten thousand gold plaques of Famila tea

What is the lottery card in Chai Famila? The lottery card available in Famila tea packages is a chance card that gives you a chance to win a gold coin without drawing a lottery.
How is the lottery card used in Chai Familia? Scratch the red part on the left side of the card (card code part), the text that appears is the criterion for determining the status of your card. send to the number *500*#1573#.
What should be done after sending the card code? If you win, after sending the card code, we will contact you within ten days and coordinate with you to deliver the prize.
What documents are required to receive awards? To receive Family Chai gold coins, a copy of national card or identification document and a red card are required.
When is the Familla tea draw? The last lottery is related to Eid al-Fitr 1401, which has expired and there is no active lottery at the moment.
How can I find out about Famila Tea festivals and announcements? Find out about our festivals by following the famila Instagram page at famila_tea.

Contact us

Where can I contact for product advice?
You can call 02122901982 extension 154 for advice on your products and orders.
How can I express my opinions about products to the company?
You can contact the customer affairs department at 02122901982 extension 153 to express your opinions