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To cooperate with us, send your resume through the form below.

Believing that human resources are the main assets of any organization, Hasti Aryan Tamin Company welcomes the recruitment of expert and committed people.

By creating a dynamic and healthy environment, Aryan Tamin creates a platform for useful activities and the growth of people in the organization.

Being in a dynamic and intimate environment is one of the most important advantages of working with Hasti Aryan Tamin.

Maintain confidentiality

The information entered in the cooperation request form is considered confidential and is only available to the human resources of Aryan Tamin.

General conditions

Considering that Hasti Aryan Tamin Company is one of the subgroups of Golrang Industrial Group and is established and operates in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the employment conditions of the applicants are in accordance with the laws of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Security and related organizations in accordance with the current approved laws. .