About Hasti Arian Taamin

Hasti Ariyan Tamin as subsidiary of Golrang Industrial Group was established in 2010 and has been starting her work in tea, sugar, rice and spice industry since 2013.

By relying on capable, motivated and committed human capital and also emphasizing on value creation for her customers, Hasti Arin Tamin has presented various products to the market under brands “BALOOT”, “FAMILA”, “OILA”, “SUNTIN” & “KIMBALL” during the years of her activity.


Entering the list of the top 100 companies in the Middle East in 1404 based on:

  • Internationally recognized brands
  • Provide diverse, quality and valuable products and services

Mission :

Our mission is to identify the overt and covert needs of national and international customers and consumers in the field of food and beverages, and to meet them in accordance with the value chain, to provide diverse, quality and valuable products and services. Which leads to increased customer and consumer satisfaction, improving the welfare of employees and continuous growth and profitability for shareholders, and of course we fulfill this mission by relying on our values.


  • Continuous improvement, learning and growth
  • Collaboration, flexibility and agility
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Leadership and Inspiration
  • Integration and central process
  • Innovation and Creativity