Launch of new products under FAMILA Brand

the new products of spices, fruit tea and herbal extracts were launched under FAMILA brand On July 2, 2022 during a ceremony at Parsian Evin Hotel in Tehran by attendance of the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hasti Ariyan Taamin company, Mr. Naser S. Ansari, the members of Board of Directors, the sales team of Golrang pakhsh company, and the representatives of chain stores.

The ceremony started with a welcome to the to the honorable guests from Golrang Industrial Group, Kourosh Food Industry Group, Golrang pakhsh, Ofogh Kourosh, Okala, Hyperfamily and Hasti Ariyan Taamin.

the ceremony was started by playing of a clip called “Along With The Sea”  (in memory of Mr. Haj Karim Fazli, the founder of Golrang Industrial Group); in the following, Mr. Ansari, CEO and Vice President of Hasti Ariyan Taamin Company, gave explanations about the marketing campaign and new products. After his speech, Mr. Katbi, CEO of Golrang Pakhsh Company, was invited to give a speech in the next section. then, Mr. Moghadami, the marketing manager in Hasti Ariyan Taamin Company, provided the necessary explanations regarding the marketing campaign of new products of spices, teas and herbal extracts under FAMILA brand.